I love hearing from readers, editors, fellow writers, scientists and anyone with a good story tip. Contact info:

Email: gpopkin (at) gmail (dot) com

Twitter: @gabrielpopkin

If you’re a scientist and you want me to know about your work, please contact me directly. I would rather hear from you than from a PR or communications person. Ideally, contact me before your paper is published and a press release has been written.

If you work in public relations or marketing, please read the information below before writing to me.

Like all journalists, I receive an overwhelming amount of unsolicited email from PR people and marketers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it is junk. It’s not useful and it wastes my time.

If you are considering emailing me, please consider the following requests:

  • Do not put me on any email lists.
  • Read my website and some of my published work.
  • Do not send me information about products or services, or anything in the biomedical or health fields. I don’t cover these areas. If you’re promoting a new startup company, I’m probably not interested.
  • If, after reading the above, you believe that you have a well-targeted story lead for me that you are not also sharing with large numbers of other journalists, I’m happy to receive an email from you.
  • I read all my emails, but don’t be surprised if I don’t respond. A followup email is not necessary or wanted.